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Is your website doing your brilliance justice?

You're an entrepreneur, a thought leader, an authority — but you're no web designer. And I'm glad (because that means I still have a job). But seriously, if you feel that your website isn't doing your products, services, or knowledge any justice, it may be time to make the investment in yourself. 

Isn't it time you started doing it
for yourself, not by yourself?

Treena is a successful and established executive coach who knew that her old website wasn't doing her business justice. For this project, it was important to elevate Treena's aesthetic to appeal to a higher-income clientele and large corporations through a refreshed visual identity, photography, and Kajabi web design.

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Jessica is an award-winning journalist and talented media trainer, but she's also a fun super-mom. For this project, it was important to show Jessica's energy and creative personality. 

It was important for us to create a brand and website that will make her feel confident, but also allow her to automate her online business processes so that she can get back to doing what she does best - everything else! 

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Maria was a highly successful architect and indoor air specialist. After years of struggling with physical and mental illness for years, she discovered the science behind neuroplasticity. Dedicating months to research and conversations with experts, she found that we aren't stuck with our brains - or our symptoms.

Capturing her journey and passion was of the utmost importance when crafting her story and her brand, and presenting it to those who needed her help most. 

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Kind Words

From My Clients

"I was so impressed..."

"I was so impressed with the branding and website design created by Afton and her team! Our new website has been live for a week now and we've already gotten a huge purchase order, and I was contacted by a book publisher! Afton was so great about listening to what we needed and making it a reality."

April Smith

"An entrepreneurial guru who helps others achieve their online business dreams."

"When looking to hire someone to help me launch my new online course, Afton stood out. I have limited tech knowledge, no marketing experience and yet wanted to offer online courses in my field. Her personal and professional approach, technical skills, attention to detail, and marketing strategizing caught my attention. I view her as an entrepreneurial guru who helps others achieve their online business dreams. Afton’s attention to detail, strategic marketing, business planning, website design skills, and Kajabi experience are exceptional and priceless."

Paige Pradko LPC NCC
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"Clearly committed to serving through meaningful work."

"Afton is a rare find. She has extensive experience with digital strategy, social media, course creation, online marketing, and content production - which came through clearly during our project together. What really sets her apart, is that she runs her own online business/coaching program, in which she take her own medicine, and understands what it is like to grow an online business. She is personable, clear with her communication, fun to work with, and clearly committed to serving through meaningful work."

Michael Hodge
youtransformed.com and transformpelvichealth.com
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Dr. James was already a highly successful speaker, author, and coach, but his website wasn't doing him any justice. His accolades remained hidden and the true volume of his brilliance wasn't on display.

Capturing his journey and passion was of the utmost importance when crafting his story and brand, and presenting it to those who needed his help most. We played with the concept of light to dark in all facets of the project to bring light to his gifts and message.

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After working on several projects together (including You:Transformed and Dr. Bri's Vibrant Pelvic Health), Michael, Sylvie, and I embarked on a new project, bringing much-needed support and resources to men suffering from pelvic pain, with Transform Pelvic Health. 

Through Michael's incredible business acumen and direction, coupled with Sylvie's beautiful design prototyping, we got to work to develop Transform's Kajabi website, products, and community. 

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Helder is a Toronto-based realtor who understands the importance of great branding and clarity in messaging. We wanted to go beyond the cookie-cutter real estate website and create something professional and modern that spoke directly of his personality. 

He was looking for a website that would establish trust with his clients as well as show his love for his city. Through branding and imagery, we were able to create something truly unique.

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