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About Me

I love being a strategist and mentor, but my work started by chance (or divine intervention). In 2009, I moved to Italy with my husband (which was a silly thing to do since I didn’t speak any Italian!). I quickly learned that I wasn’t able to transition my Interior Design skills overseas (oops!). I had amazing ideas, but no one could understand them or me. So what was I to do, living in another country without any way to express myself? Well, I took to the Internet – where everyone’s voice can be heard.

I started from the ground up, learning graphic design, web development, digital advertising, lead generation, and social media. I’ve worked with some of the most amazing minds online, and for that I’m forever grateful. My mentors have been some of the greatest in the business and now I want to give back and help others build an amazing life, just like I have - all thanks to the Internet. 

And do you know what? I finally found my voice (despite never learning Italian!), and I’d love to help you to do the same online. 

Who I Am

and some of what I do

Digital Strategist

I always say, first and foremost, I'm a digital strategist. My work begins and ends with strategy, helping to completely understand the businesses of my clients.


Mentor & Teacher

One of the greatest pleasures I have in my life is to see the growth of my mentees and students. I love to see people create a life by their design. 



After studying art and design in Scotland, to practicing interior design, to now designing my client's brands online, design and creation is my happy place. 

My Career Timeline

it's been one hell of a ride
Afton Negrea with her daughter

I gave birth to my daughter and started working as a virtual assistant

While pregnant and after giving birth in Brescia, Italy, I quite literally started my career from the ground up. I started by working with some (very patient) clients while I learned how to manage online projects and wear many hats, all while taking care of my newborn! 

Afton Negrea with Laura Betterly

I worked for the Master, Laura Betterly

You may not know Laura Betterly, but I bet you know her clients. I had the greatest fortune of working on accounts like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and Tai Lopez and learned the most ninja skills including development, lead generation, and advertising skills. These skills are what my business is built on today. We even launched my first course together, which made over $150k in one week!

Afton Negrea with Kurt Perschke

I travelled around the world with
Kurt Perschke and RedBall Project

It's difficult to say this was a job, because it was that fun. If you're not familiar, RedBall Project is considered one of the longest-running street art projects in the world. The ball is 150lbs and 15 feet tall and tours the world. I had the greatest pleasure of being the first social media manager for the project and going on tour with Kurt Perschke and the crazy talented team.

A group picture with Afton Negrea

I joined the Peaceful Media team

Everyone always asks me how I got to work with so many amazing clients, including Brendon Burchard, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Robin Sharma, and I have to say, I owe it to Jason Miller and the Peaceful Media team. I had the guts to contact the team directly about hiring me, and the rest is history. 

Bodhi tree bookstore

I helped to revive
Bodhi Tree, LA

Bodhi Tree was one of the most profound projects I have ever worked on. I have so many stories to tell, both from my time there, as well as the stories I discovered in the archives of one of the most prolific metaphysical bookstores in the world. It was the place where Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley shopped for spiritual enlightenment in the form of books. It was where Paolo Coelho, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, and Deepak Chopra got their start by speaking in the annex. I was part of the team entrusted to revive the store, which once was housed on Melrose Avenue, to its new digital form. 

Afton Negrea with her two friends

I launched my freelancer mentorship, FreeBirds

After all of my experience working for all different types of clients, on all different types of projects, all around the world, I wanted to pass on my knowledge to other women who wanted to break free from their 9-to-5. Freelancing has given me the freedom to work with some of the greatest minds, cure my travel itch, and be there for my daughter while working from home. I created my mentorship to teach others how to create a life and business by their own design.

Afton Negrea with a MacBook

I now run my very own boutique agency

My amazingly talented team and I work with people just like you to build, launch, and grow their businesses online. I truly love what I do, especially when I see my clients grow beyond what they ever thought was possible, just like I did.

where have you been and

where are you headed?

Everyone has a story. I can't wait to hear yours and what your next chapter will be. 

Afton Negrea sitting at mountains

3 Things About
 the Real Me

 I'm classic at heart

Old vinyls, paperback books, and classic movies (Alfred Hitchcock is my fave). They all make my heart sing. Many people think that I'm an early adopter of all things new, but in fact, I'm usually the last because I love the days gone by.

I'm Crazy Adventurous

When I was 17, I ran away to Scotland (much to my mother's horror). I spent 4 years living, studying, and well, getting up to no good in Glasgow. I also lived in Italy, where I gave birth to my daughter. I have been around the world and back many times, from LA to Marrakech to Bangkok.

I eat, sleep, and breathe tennis

Seriously, I could talk your ear off about tennis. And I would gladly whoop your butt on the court. After 20 years of watching Wimbledon, I made a goal to visit the Championships for my 40th birthday. And I did. It was my greatest dream come true.  

This is my story

I would love to help you to tell yours

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