A Little
About Me

I'm Afton, digital business strategist, freelancer mentor, speaker, and adventurer.

A Little
About Me

Hello, there. I'm Afton, digital business strategist, mentor, speaker, and adventurer.

I help soulful entrepreneurs and freelancers to find their authentic voice online, and make money while doing it.

My Beginnings

I love being a strategist and mentor, but my work started by chance (or divine intervention). In 2009, I moved to Italy with my husband (which was a silly thing to do since I didn’t speak any Italian!). I quickly learned that I wasn’t able to transition my Interior Design skills overseas (oops!). I had amazing ideas, but no one could understand them or me. So what was I to do, living in another country without any way to express myself? Well, I took to the Internet – where everyone’s voice can be heard.

I started from the ground up, learning graphic design, web development, digital advertising, lead generation, and social media. I’ve worked with some of the most amazing minds online, and for that I’m forever grateful. My mentors have been some of the greatest in the business and now I want to give back and help others build an amazing life, just like I have - all thanks to the Internet. 

And do you know what? I finally found my voice (despite never learning Italian!), and I’d love to help you to do the same online. 

5 Things About The Real Me

  • I'm classic at heart. Old vinyls, paperback books, and classic movies (Alfred Hitchcock is my fave) make my heart sing. 
  • I eat, sleep, and breathe tennis. Seriously, I could talk your ear off about tennis. And I would gladly whoop your butt on the court. Wimbledon, here I come.
  • I'm crazy adventurous. When I was 17, I ran away to Scotland. I spent 4 years living, studying, and well, getting up to no good in Glasgow. I also lived in Italy, where I gave birth to my daughter. I have been around the world and back many times - and usually solo. 
  • Astrology and Tarot are my guilty pleasures. I'm all about the woo. I believe there are many things that we can't see or understand and metaphysical sciences are quite often untapped sources to greater meaning.
  • I will constantly ask the people around me, "Tell me something interesting?" My friends hate it. But I don't care. It's my goal to learn something new everyday. And it's amazing what you'll find out about people that way. 

Let's Conquer the Internet Together

The Internet can be a soul-less place. You may feel like you'll lose your voice among the noise or you'll have to be someone that you're not. But it doesn't have to be that way.

I love to work with authentic, soulful people who are passionate about what they do - and they want the world to know about it. They're fearless in pursuit of what sets their soul on fire. I love helping them to navigate the online world and to bring their gifts to the surface. 

Let's make the Internet an amazing place to be.

p.s. Laughing is absolutely mandatory on our calls together. Funny memes and videos are also greatly appreciated.