Client Services

All of my services are catered to your needs, goals, and business model. I don't believe in cookie-cutter packages - because you're anything but cookie-cutter. 


Client Services

All of my services are catered to your needs, goals, and business model. I don't believe in cookie-cutter packages - because you're anything but cookie-cutter. 


Before we get to all the bits n' bobs of what I do...

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Someone Like You Works With Someone Like Me


You're Ready to Hit It Hard and Make the Money You Deserve

You've deliberated, procrastinated, and overly caffeinated - and now you're ready to get out of your own way and make the money you deserve. You're ready to have someone as invested in your business as you are. It's time to hit it and take action, with Action.


You Need Someone Who's Seen It All to Tell You What's-What

You have limited time (and possibly resources). You just want things to work so that you can build your dream business. Like I always say, there are a lot of things you could do, but I'm going to show you what you should do online to get you to where you want to be. 


You're Ready to Hand Over the Reins and Finally Do Things Right

You might have done the "bootstrapping", low-cost contractors, and DIYing - which is taking way more time and money to get things done. You've finally realized that you have to hand things over to an expert so that you can get back to doing what you love best.

Digital Strategy and Implementation for Soulful Entrepreneurs

I know what it's like to put yourself out there. Your business is your heart and soul - it's an extension of you. It takes courage and tenacity to develop, launch, and grow an idea online. It takes unwavering dedication. And most importantly, it takes your unique abilities and love to fuel the fire.

My job is to help you to gain the recognition you deserve, in the most authentic way possible, by giving you the platform and tools you need to reach your audience and create a culture you can be proud of.

Let's make money in meaningful ways.


Some of the amazing things we're developing...

Robust Websites for Leaders

A leader requires a platform that shows their knowledge and authority. We work with leading companies and entrepreneurs to create beautiful, responsive, robust websites. 

Lead Generation Funnels

Don't lose out on fantastic traffic and potential sales because your website and funnel isn't up-to-scratch. Create opt-ins that people will drool over and get them excited for more. 

High-Ticket Coaching Programs

Looking to take your coaching or practice from 1:1 to 1:many? I'll walk you through how to develop programming to free your time while still transforming lives. 

Evergreen + Automated Courses

Offer evergreen courses that don't require you to be "on" all the time. We'll create a user-experience that supports your students to keep moving forward. 

Here's How We'll Do It

Map + Build It


Get Clear on Who You Are and What You're Offering




Map Your Revenue with Robust Offers + Retention Strategies




Design + Develop an Automated Online Business

Launch + Grow It


Launch Your Website, Service, Product, or Course




Generate Traffic, Leads, Sales + Repeat Customers




Measure Your Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue

"She was worth
every single penny."

"Highly recommend Afton. So much so that I hesitate to provide this review in fear that she won't be available for my future work needs ;). Afton is so professional and clearly has years of experience under her belt. As someone who was unclear and unsure as to what exactly I was offering and how best to create the messaging, Afton provided me with a very clear path and offered such fantastic suggestions. I would still be stuck spinning if it wasn't for her. Afton then created such a beautiful and well-designed lead magnet for me that is so impressive. You definitely pay for what you get and with Afton, she was worth every single penny. 5 stars all around."

~ Ami Dehne,

"Clearly committed to serving through meaningful work." 

"Afton is a rare find. She has extensive experience with digital strategy, social media, course creation, online marketing, and content production - which came through clearly during our project together. What really sets her apart, is that she runs her own online business/coaching program, in which she take her own medicine, and understands what it is like to grow an online business. She is personable, clear with her communication, fun to work with, and clearly committed to serving through meaningful work."

~ Michael Hodge,

"An entrepreneurial guru who helps others achieve their online business dreams." 

"When looking to hire someone to help me launch my new online course, Afton stood out. I have limited tech knowledge, no marketing experience and yet wanted to offer online courses in my field. Her personal and professional approach, technical skills, attention to detail, and marketing strategizing caught my attention. Afton guided me through the successful launch of my first online course. I view her as an entrepreneurial guru who helps others achieve their online business dreams. Afton designed a visually beautiful and functional website for my business that frankly creates a feeling of pride when sharing with others. Afton’s attention to detail, strategic marketing, business planning, website design skills, and Kajabi experience are exceptional and priceless. I am now launching my second online course and look forward to working with Afton well into the future. I am grateful and appreciative of Afton’s support and expertise in launching and growing my online business." ~ Paige Pradko LPC NCC,

I work with some of the most soulful thought-leaders online

I hope that will include you, too.

Tommy Rosen

Yogi Cameron

Mo Faul

Dr. James Rouse

Dr. Mark Hyman

Robin Sharma

Shelli Varela

Pedram Shojai

Ready to join my roster?


Not Sure Where to Start?

It's totally cool. Let's grab a virtual coffee (or cocktail) and chat about where you're at and where you're headed. From there, we'll devise a plan that works for you, your goals, and your business.


The Top 5 Things
That May Be Holding You Back

from my honest experience
  • You may be trying to do everything yourself (and moving too slowly)
    A real business requires a real investment of time, money, energy - and expert help. All the time and energy you may be spending trying to "figure things out" or getting caught in the weeds micro-managing could be costing your business more than the cost of finding truly experienced help. 
  • Your goals aren't specific enough to create accountability
    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, as they say. Lofty ideas and unmapped goals can create confusion and lack of accountability in your business. With more specific data-driven goals, you’ll be able to understand the strongest and weakest points in your business to course-correct when necessary.
  • You haven’t thought beyond your launch
    Launching is an exciting thing! But what happens once you’ve tapped out your existing audience? And how do you better your performance ongoing into the future? Without a clear path of growth, you may be left out to dry.
  • You have no idea what it takes to generate traffic, leads, and sales
    Just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come. Having a clear understanding of what you need to generate traffic to your website, develop client leads, and land sales (including repeat sales) could make or break your business online.
  • You're too focused on design and not focused enough on data
    I do love me a beautiful website, but I also love me some data. Burying your head in the sand does your business (and team) no good. But lucky for you, I love to dig in to help you to understand the complicated stuff and inform you of what you need to know to grow.

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