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Short Bio (best for podcasts and speaking events)

Afton is a Digital Strategist and has over a decade of hands-on experience with some of the biggest thought leaders online. Her gifts in design and strategy have helped her clients and students to grow profitable and influential businesses online. She believes everyone has something amazing to teach the world and is capable of becoming a thought leader in their own right - and she would love to show you how.

Long Bio (best for written features)

Afton is a Digital Strategist with over a decade of hands-on experience with some of the biggest thought leaders online. Her passion for design coupled with her vast technical skills has made her a leader in her field. She is a guiding light for many online, and an action-taker, earning her the nickname Action Negrea. Her gift for distilling the complicated parts of digital marketing into easy-to-understand concepts has helped her clients and students to map, launch, and grow profitable and influential businesses and brands, all while having the best fun.

Her Path to Digital Marketing

Afton grew up in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. At 17, she realized that there was more out there to explore, so she moved to Glasgow, Scotland where she attended art school. From this experience, she learned how to draw inspiration from the world around her, from culture to fashion to interior design. After four years, Afton returned to Toronto where she attended college for Interior Design, then interned for the prestigious II by IV (two-by-four) Design. After interning, she went out on her own as a freelancer, worked in television, and even became published with her designs on small spaces for the cramped condo market of the city. 

After some time in Interior Design, she moved to Brescia, Italy and gave birth to her daughter. As she didn't speak Italian, and she wasn't able to use her skills in Interior Design, Afton took to the Internet to find work while staying home with her daughter. Low and behold, she realized that she loved Digital Marketing and that her design skills were an incredible asset for her potential clients. 

Working From the Bottom Up

Afton worked from the bottom up, starting as a Virtual Assistant, then as a project manager, moving into social media, and finally landing as a Digital Strategist, a role she has kept for over a decade. She has always believed that learning things from the ground up would be vastly beneficial, not only for her but also for her clients who look to her to provide the best possible guidance.

With the greatest fortune, she has been able to work with such visionaries as Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard, Dr. Mark Hyman, and even names like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson during her time at Bodhi Tree. 

Afton's Mission

Afton's mission is to help those who have something incredible to give to the world to be seen and heard online, whether it be by launching their own courses, creating services that are fueled by passion, or becoming the thought leader that they are meant to be.


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Speaking Topics

just a few ideas to set the scene

Everyone Has Something Amazing to Teach the World

The global online education market is anticipated to climb to $400 billion by 2026. In 2020, 98 percent of universities moved their classes online, and many stayed there. Online learning is here to stay - and you can be a part of it. Whether you're a passionate entrepreneur, a skilled practitioner, or an avid hobbyist, you have something amazing to teach the world. Stop sitting on your ideas, skills, and talents and start sharing them with the people who need your unique gifts and knowledge.


What the IKEA Shopping Bag Can Teach Us About Brand Awareness and Lifetime Value

The blue IKEA shopping bag: a staple, a necessity, and perhaps a cultural icon. No matter where you go in the world, you will inevitably find an IKEA shopping bag shoved in the back of someone's car or closet. It's recognizable and embedded in our lives - just as many businesses hope to be.


How to Stop Being Scammed by Remote Workers

With the rise of remote workers has come "silent quitting" among employees, potentially costing companies millions of dollars from their unproductive workforce. But what about freelance or contract workers, especially those who are working across the world? How do businesses avoid being scammed by contract workers? 


Find a Product for Your Customer, Not a Customer for Your Product

When launching a new product, whether it be digital or physical, listening to what people want and need is always the easier route to creating something that actually sells. But how do you research what people want when you don't have a single customer yet?

Questions to Ask Me

  • How can someone validate an idea before they spend a lot of time and money building something online?
  • If someone is just starting online, where can they get the best bang for their buck?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you see people make when they're just getting started online?
  • Does someone have to build a team to be successful online?
  • What should someone look for when hiring a freelancer to help them with their online business?
  • What are the biggest bottlenecks you see in online entrepreneurs?
  • What are the biggest myths in online marketing?

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